• How long does it take for an order to be delivered and received?

    Generally speaking, if there is stock, the goods can be delivered in 7 days in China and 15 days abroad. If there is no stock, we will contact you for discussion.

  • The goods purchased are inappropriate. Can they exchange it?

    Within 30 days, you can have complete goods, original packaging, original purchase receipt or invoice (if issued), we will refund the purchase according to the payment method, bank card refund please bring the original signature and bank card.

    Sorry: Foods, plants, processed goods, custom goods, household appliances and products cut, cut and painted are not applicable to the above provisions.

    Return Mode and Warm Tips:

    The term "complete goods" refers to goods that have not been damaged, dyed, deformed, washed or used.

    Please contact online customer service to apply for return service. You can pick up the goods through the designated distribution company or choose the distribution company on your own. The refund fee shall be borne by the customer. Upon receipt of the returned package and confirmation of its correctness, the refund procedure will be completed within 7 days and the payment will be refunded in accordance with the original payment method.

    It is recommended that you retain the package when delivering the package in order to facilitate the use of the product during re-shipment in order to reduce damage.

  • How to query the order logistics distribution status?

    We will contact you one hour in advance according to the delivery service date and time you choose to ensure that the goods arrive on time. If it is online shopping, you can inquire about the arrival status by self-help on the "My Order" page, or contact the online customer service to inquire about the distribution status.

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