Bathroom cabinet materials and advantages and disadvantages


As a marginal new industry created by the furniture ind […]

As a marginal new industry created by the furniture industry and the bathroom industry, the bathroom cabinet industry has flourished in just a few years. However, many people still have a lot of blind spots in understanding the bathroom cabinets. Let's take a look. What are the materials of the mainstream bathroom cabinets on the market? And how to choose the right bathroom cabinet. When choosing a solid wood bathroom cabinet, pay attention to whether the color tone is natural and the texture is clear. The good solid wood panel has a beautiful appearance, clear texture, less knots, luster, and feels lubricated when touched. If the surface of the panel is dark and the paint layer is thick, it may be made to cover the surface defects.
1. Integrated plate bathroom cabinet
Features: Solid wood integrated sheet processing, the appearance of solid wood is strong, waterproof performance is good, easy to process.
Disadvantages: the splicing between the plates is prone to ridges, cracks in the seams and deformation of the cabinet; formaldehyde is included.
2, solid wood antique cabinet
Features: simple and elegant appearance
Disadvantages: Limited by the size of solid wood panels, the cabinets are made of plate splicing, which is easy to crack and deform, and has poor waterproof performance and is easy to breed bacteria.
3, oak cabinet
Features: Most of the oak in Malaysia or Thailand, with high density, hard texture, moderate water content, clear texture, less thrift, bright color, not easy to change, not easy to worm, not easy to rot, low formaldehyde emission.
Disadvantages: expensive. Most of the wooden cabinets in the market are used as oak cabinets, and consumers should be careful to buy them.
PVC bathroom cabinet:
Features: The material is basically non-absorbent, does not swell, and does not deform.
Disadvantages: It belongs to chemical sheet, the content of formaldehyde is high, the material is soft, and the hinge connection of the cabinet door is easy to loose, and the rebound elasticity is poor.
Metal bathroom cabinets are mainly divided into three types:
1, stainless steel bathroom cabinet
It is made of 202,304 stainless steel plate. The main component of stainless steel is nickel and chromium alloy. It is a high quality stainless steel. One method is to check with iron.
Advantages: good stainless steel bathroom cabinet waterproof performance is good
Disadvantages: Due to material limitations, the cabinet is thin and not practical.
2, magnesium aluminum bathroom cabinet
Adopting the most popular aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles at present, it is firm and non-deformable, and the surface is subjected to special oxidation treatment. It will not form secondary oxidation, no discoloration, 100% waterproof and 100% aldehyde-free, and the cabinet function is preferred and durable.
3, crystal board bathroom cabinet (also called plexiglass)
The crystal plate is a kind of rubber plate, also called plexiglass, which can be bent, and the surface is bright, smooth and waterproof, and has no fading.
Disadvantages: formaldehyde, simple structure, poor practicability, easy to break.

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