Do not mistake the price when buying sanitary ware


Nowadays, water saving has become the consensus of the entire sanitary ware industry, which also reflects the industry's progress to the environmental protection industry. Many bathroom products are under the banner of "environmental protection and energy saving".

Problem: Water-saving sanitary ware cannot save water
Most environmentally friendly and energy-saving sanitary ware products on the market are imported brands, but they are expensive. Products with the concept of water saving have not only appeared but have been in an embarrassing situation for the past few years. "The reason is mainly due to the mixed products on the market.

Some water-saving sanitary products that do not match their name have caused consumer resistance. The store introduced many 3L, 4.8L, and 6L toilets for the traditional 9L toilets, as well as the 3L, 6L, 3L, and 4.5L toilets marked with low water consumption dual-control button toilets. The 2L and 4L toilets have poor flushing effect during use. This usually results in repeated flushing, which is more wasteful than the original non-water-saving product.

With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection and energy saving and the promotion of the use of high-quality sanitary ware, consumers have a new understanding of water saving and sanitation. Gong Jinying, the general agent of Henan Emperor Sanitary Ware, also said that the current product updates are very frequent. To quickly occupy the market, sanitary products must also work hard to save water and continuously improve product performance.

Reason: Water-saving R&D requires high cost
Whether water-saving sanitary ware is truly water-saving, it needs to be designed and developed from the aspects of ceramic glaze, flushing volume, and water consumption control. The development and promotion of water-saving products require multiple factors such as technology, design, and capital. It can be guaranteed, but some companies cannot. Due to the complicated and expensive application of water-saving certification, only a few companies are willing to apply for certification. There is no compulsory certification in this industry, which directly leads to some companies in the market exaggerating the use of water-saving banners. According to the publicity, my product has no water-saving effect and needs to be washed repeatedly during use, which consumes a lot of water.

Reminder: don't get the price wrong
When buying a toilet, there is no clear water-saving certificate, and there is usually no actual operation, so consumers can see how the water-saving toilet saves water and the actual water consumption.

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