How do companies stand out in the serious homogenization of the bathroom market


At present, the homogenization of the sanitary ware market is serious and the competition is constant. The development of the sanitary ware industry has gradually become more and more flat. The bathroom cabinets, which are members of the sanitary ware industry, are also facing the same problem. The market consumption has been gradually suppressed, and the homogenization of market products has become a trend. Bathroom cabinet companies have to start from the following four points to survive. First, improve the quality and output of bathroom cabinets The industry is in chaos, and the surface is a sluggish phenomenon, but the essence is the lack of style. When there is a profitable opportunity, enterprises are swarming up; when there is no industry competitiveness, the quality is lowered, and the price is exchanged for the quantity, which ultimately damages the rights and interests of consumers, and the development of the industry is thus restricted and crippled. According to statistics, the annual production capacity of bathroom cabinet manufacturers in Anhui Province should be about 4 million sets. The current profitable factory accounts for 50%, the livelihood accounts for 30%, and the loss accounts for 20%. Second, the style design must be simple and generous rather than flashy The bathroom cabinet is a durable consumer product, not a fast-moving consumer. The dominant idea of ​​style design should be "practical, simple, and generous" rather than adding a lot of "flashy" elements. Third, the bathroom cabinet new material reference At present, the main substrate for bathroom cabinets: is oak, multi-layer board, MDF, ecological board, PVC foam board, wood-plastic board, etc. Among the above-mentioned substrates, the cost-effective and practical PVC foam board, but many manufacturers To reduce the cost, the density of the PVC foam board has been lowered, causing the main cabinet to be easily damaged. The foreign industry predicts that PVC crust foaming is the only material that can replace bamboo and wood formwork in the next 50 years, and the density and thickness of the material can be adjusted arbitrarily. The finished product can be processed into various template styles at will, and the PVC foam board material is fireproof. The performance of rot, tidal, etc. is far from traditional products. The substrate is the basis for the stable quality of the bathroom cabinet. If you do not change your mind and pursue the price, the bathroom cabinet industry will step into the footsteps of the “glass basin”. The ceramic basin is currently used as the main countertop of the bathroom cabinet. It is still the problem. To pursue the price, the quality of the basin head is now much lower than that of two years ago. Cracks, repairs, water leaks, unevenness, and so on have become too much. Around the "practical, durable" ideas, glass, marble, and microcrystalline materials can be added for improvement. Paint is the main outer coating of the bathroom cabinet, the paint surface is not flat, not resistant to scratching, easy to yellow, and has gradually emerged, a "paint-free board" on the substrate covered with acrylic, leather, and other materials that can solve the current paint can not be achieved effect. Fourth, enterprise development should not be overly concerned with price. Long-term development is the key point. The healthy development of an industry cannot be separated from the support of reasonable profits. If there are not enough funds to guarantee the development of enterprises, only the use of new materials, stable quality, and standardized operation are the future direction of China's manufacturing industry. "One price, one product", everyone knows, and sellers will only bring down the price of good quality and low prices, and the development of the industry will not have a future. Here, we only hope that the majority of bathroom peers, do not care too much about the price, because you are buying and selling is a long-term stable guarantee. In an era when consumers are becoming more and more savvy, companies must do a good job in product quality and after-sales service, and continue to innovate to find a glimmer of life in the industry. Based on ensuring the basic quality of products, citing new materials and continuously innovating will contribute to the healthy development of the entire industry.

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