Bathroom companies need to carefully analyze the market environment to deal with the Internet


When "Internet +" became a national strategy as an action plan, the word was instantly fired like a rocket, and all walks of life tried to explain the name and connotation of this new noun and tried to integrate it. In the home building materials industry such as sanitary ware, many companies have reached a consensus that the so-called "Internet +" is equivalent to adding a pair of "Internet" wings to the traditional industry and then helping the traditional industry. Although in this era, many sanitary ware companies have seen new market opportunities, at the moment, if companies want to seize business opportunities, they must fully analyze the market environment. The market for e-commerce presents great market potential On March 21, Alibaba Group's FY16 e-commerce transaction volume (GMV) exceeded 3 trillion yuan. Beyond Wal-Mart to become the retail platform of the world. “3 trillion is just a starting point. It is only one-tenth of the total retail sales of consumer goods in China in 2015.” Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong told the media after Alibaba’s 2016 e-commerce transaction volume exceeded 3 trillion yuan. Businesses, consumers, and the market are the three key factors in creating $3 trillion in sales. Among them, the potential demand for China's consumption power and the tremendous changes brought about by information symmetry have promoted the development of Ali in retail transactions. With the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce has become a big outlet for the bathroom industry, and companies are all targeting Internet business opportunities. Throughout the sanitary industry today, e-commerce and the Internet play an irreplaceable role, which shows the huge development potential of sanitary e-commerce. The development of sanitary ware enterprises needs to meet the diversified needs of consumers In the current bathroom industry, consumer lifestyles are also changing. As the younger generation of consumer groups became the main force of the whole consumer, especially after the 80s and 90s, the generation that grew up with the Internet became the main force of the whole consumer, it also promoted the tremendous development of e-commerce; the sanitary initiative of the sanitary wares continued to innovate. The continuous enhancement of Internet applications and brand building, as well as deepening communication with consumers, are constantly innovating and advancing consumer relations. On the consumer side, the diversification of consumer demand and the demand for services have made e-commerce retail more vital. The demand is diversified, the supply is diversified, and the service is far away. The value generated from it is even stronger. With the development of interconnected technologies, the structure of online shopping products is more and more reasonable, and the needs of consumers are becoming more diverse. The two promote each other and form a benign interaction between supply and supply. The profit margins that bathroom companies can tap from e-commerce are growing. The market competition is becoming more and more fierce. If it does not conform to the development trend of the times, it may face the risk of being eliminated at any time. Under the influence of the Internet today, sanitary ware enterprises must conduct a scientific analysis of the market environment and integrate their development. Strive to win in a competitive market environment.

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