Distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of different bathroom cabinets


The material of the solid wood cabinet, especially the oak cabinet, itself has texture, delicate and dense structure, and has certain characteristics of insect-proof, waterproof, and moisture-proof. Afterward, it is treated with a multi-layer primer and topcoat paint process, using high-temperature baking to make the paint layer After curing, the lacquer surface formed is not only full but also wear-resistant and scratch-resistant and the performance is more stable. What is the point of choosing a solid wood bathroom cabinet?

The depends on the grade. The grades are divided into three grades, and the appearance of high-grade solid wood bathroom cabinets is the same as the texture of a single tree species. Mid-range exterior materials require similar textures, and symmetrical parts have similar textures and colors. The requirements of the ordinary file are similar in texture and color, and the color of the color coating is uniform, allowing slight wood grain blur. Second look at color. The overall observation of the solid wood bathroom cabinets is to look at the overall color. For example, the combination and set of furniture must see whether the color of the outer surface is coordinated, whether the color is consistent, and whether the paint film is full and clean. The third is quality. The material of each part of the solid wood bathroom cabinet must be reasonable. The structural parts must not have defects such as decay, knots, or splitting. Whether the decorative materials have processing defects such as gumming, bubbling, and warping. The decorative patterns should be symmetrical and beautiful. Whether the size is regular and whether the parts are flat and vertical. Whether all metal parts are moisture-proof stainless steel or aluminum products for bath cabinets so that the moisture resistance is strong.

The three important points are to grasp the good and bad indicators of solid wood bathroom cabinets. We all know what the general material composition is, so this material needs more care. Compared with traditional bathroom cabinets, Solid wood is relatively worth choosing. With the above three points as the criterion, you can choose the one you like.

There are many materials for bathroom cabinets, not limited to solid wood. The use of solid wood as a bathroom cabinet is mainly to express the noble and elegant temperament of the shower cabinet. Now let's understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of the bathroom cabinet made of solid wood and the bathroom cabinet made of PVC.

The selection of bathroom furniture is based on solid wood, moisture-proof board, and density board. Use a sophisticated surface treatment process to resist the invasion of ultraviolet rays, temperature, and humidity to ensure that the substrate is used in the bathroom for a long time without cracking and deformation. The solid wood bathroom cabinet can be distinguished from the PVC bathroom cabinet at a glance, because the upper layer of the solid wood bathroom cabinet is artificial stone, and the rubber wood below the solid wood part feels warmer. The entire set of PVC bathroom cabinets is made of PVC materials. The design is generally based on simplicity, which feels very real and a bit cold, and the overall color is also cold, which is cold and glamorous. The washbasin on the top of the solid wood bathroom cabinet is made of artificial stone. The surface of the cabinet is smooth and smooth. The lower part of the cabinet is made of rubber wood. It is very good for non-absorbent water. It is waterproof in the bathroom. What a smell. The entire set of PVC bathroom cabinets is made of PVC. Although the advantage of PVC is not water absorption, it will smell a little when you smell it recently, but after some time, the smell will slowly disappear. Compared with solid wood bathroom cabinets, PVC bathroom cabinets are better for non-absorbent performance, but have a relatively heavy taste. Therefore, in comparison to PVC bathroom cabinets, the advantages of solid wood bathroom cabinets are lightness and no smell, and the form is unique.


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