Four considerations for upgrading solid wood bathroom cabinets


What should I pay attention to when upgrading a solid wood bathroom cabinet? The following are the four major considerations for the upgrade of the solid wood bathroom cabinet summarized by everyone. Solid wood bathroom cabinet One: draw on the living room cabinet pattern Whether it is a single basin design or a double combination, the bathroom cabinet is no longer a simple folio door or drawer style. The rich changes and combination methods create a more sense of design, while also making full use of the limited space. 1. Make full use of the wall space: the modular cabinet unit can make good use of the gap between the two basins and match the wall storage grid, which not only solves the storage problem but also easily lays out the theme wall of the bathroom. 2. Break through the limitation of hanging cabinets: the traditional combination of hanging cabinets is bound to waste the middle ground. The design of the living room cabinet is used to make the combination more flexible. A single-door vertical cabinet can be directly installed on the floor cabinet, which is suitable for height and convenient for handling daily necessities. Solid wood bathroom cabinet Two: floating installation In urban apartments,  bathrooms still have a limited area. Therefore, the bathroom furniture design must take into account the small area. The use of suspended installation methods can visually ease the embarrassment of crowding. 1. The blank wall is the hope: the installation location of bathroom furniture will be continuously expanded, except for the toilet area and shower area, and the wall above the toilet can not be ignored. Install wall-mounted storage boxes so that all odds and ends do not need to be spread on the floor. 2. Release the ground pressure: try to install all bathroom furniture by hanging it on the wall to make the ground vacant. This method will not create a dead end that is difficult to clean. When you look around, you can see the baseboard. Does it feel like the room is quite spacious Three: light and open The furniture supporting the wash basin is fully open, highlighting the light visual experience, which is especially important in small bathrooms. 1. The open type solves the humidity problem: due to the characteristics of the bathroom's wet enclosed space, in a space where dry and wet separation cannot be achieved, the fully open bathroom furniture can help keep it dry and hygienic. Especially in the area under the wash basin, it is more scientific to separate the cleaning supplies from the sewer. 2. The transparent design is a space decompression: the use of bathroom furniture materials with a frame structure is greatly reduced, which is in line with the environmental protection design trend. The simple structure is convenient for daily cleaning and scrubbing. People stand at any angle and their vision will not be blocked. Four: free assembly I like the free life in the bathroom. I read books and do body exercises here. The removable one-piece bathroom furniture is designed to meet these needs. 1. Expandable unit: As the family population increases, storage requirements change and independent storage units can be continually refilled without worrying about ruining the previous design. 2. Multi-purpose module: It can be used as a storage shelf, can be placed next to the bathtub, and can also be used as a stool. The multi-purpose furniture design allows you to live at ease every moment. Bathroom furniture is designed to meet these needs. 3. Purchase on demand: The combination of the hanging cabinet in the wash area is not suitable for everyone's aesthetics and habits. After the emergence of more single-piece bathroom furniture, you can freely combine according to your needs. The design mirrors are part-time towel bars, and the storage boxes replace the cabinets. The above are the four precautions for upgrading solid wood bathroom cabinets.

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