Furnitureization of bathroom products has gradually become a trend


As an indispensable part of home decoration, the bathroom is more and more showing its unique charm; what kind of bathroom products will become the new favorite of home decoration, which style will the bathroom trend, and what details of the bathroom selection are yours Unknown... In this series of questions, a few days ago, reporters visited several ceramics and sanitary ware dealers to sort out the trend of such products for readers; The choice of household materials will be based on the principle of health and environmental protection, simple personality and functional supremacy; for example, sanitary products using intelligent technology? Infrared light bathroom, intelligent temperature control bathtub, jacuzzi, infrared automatic opening and closing faucet, and The use of thermostatic technology in showers and so on will undoubtedly bring more comfort to the bathroom. Trend 1: The furniture of bathroom products is becoming more and more popular For a long time, the shape of sanitary ware has been monotonous and lacks new ideas. Manufacturers have also realized this problem and started to design and develop innovative sanitary ware products. Many new products have been introduced to the market, multi-functional wash basins, beautiful and practical bathroom cabinets and The style is more in line with the aesthetics of the toilet, but also increasingly become a hot spot for consumers. Trend 2: Minimalism continues to be favored The idea that many designers promote is: to make everything simple, simple is equal to convenience; this minimalist trend just caters to the psychology of many young people, so the bathroom equipment has become direct and simple; the sink is no longer Simply pursuing the luxury of marble countertops; toilets are no longer bulky and bulky; more and more rational consumers will not consider the size of their bathroom, but go to install a large bathtub or shower room. Trend 3: Intelligent sanitary products are becoming more popular The technology is advancing, and sanitary products are constantly integrating more and more scientific and technological content; the intelligent temperature-controlled bathtub and the smart pumping toilet are debuted, which undoubtedly bring more comfort to the consumers. Trend 4: New sanitary materials come out Ceramic products are no longer unified in the world of the bathroom, stone, glass, wood, and other materials have become a substitute for ceramic products; therefore, porcelain glazed tiles will gradually replace the traditional clay bricks, the color is ever-changing; wooden bathtubs make petty bourgeoisie; Glass mosaics are popular in the bathroom, and the introduction of these new materials will better reflect their design. Trend 5: Focus on health and environmental protection Health and water conservation has been a theme of the bathroom revolution for many years; in the building materials market, we can often see that the major bathroom brands have produced such slogans; from bathtubs to toilets to urinals, each can antibacterial and antifouling and The water-saving parts and places are undergoing technological changes; I believe that such products can better cater to the psychology of consumers, and the sanitary products with both antibacterial and water-saving functions will be more outstanding; in the case of faucets, stainless steel will Gradually replacing copper, this is mainly considering environmental protection and health. The solid wood bathroom cabinets included in the bathroom will also follow the spread of home-style integration. Bathroom, you will deal with every day, a good bathroom will make your home life more comfortable, and make your life more quality; refer to the five points trend above, not the outdated bathroom owner is yours.

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