How should I choose a good bathroom vanity


The vanity unit is a critical focal point of the design of any bathroom. Whether you choose freestanding or wall-mounted, your choice of vanity should accommodate the type of basin and your space and storage requirements. You can complement your vanity with a range of other furniture items including mirrors, basins, cabinets, showers, toilets, and other bathroom accessories.
1. Plan your layout
Measure your available space after your bath and shower have been accounted for, as well as your toilet if you’ve decided to include it in the same room. Make sure to leave plenty of space in front of the vanity and enough room around it for opening doors and drawers. If you’re catering to a big busy family or you’re a working couple a double sink vanity may be more suited to your lifestyle. Otherwise, a single vanity will be fine especially if your bathroom is a small space or a simple ensuite. The width, height, and shape of your mirror may also be affected by the amount of space available too and how you want to accentuate it.
2. Choose a style
So you know the bathroom look you want, how much room you have, and where you want to install the vanity. Next, you need to think about which vanity you want. Think carefully about what material will suit you for the countertop and the unit.
3. Get Inspired
Take the time to browse home improvement and renovation magazines/websites. Display homes can also be a great source of inspiration too as you can see how vanities function and appear in a completed bathroom. This will help you visualize your own space to help you make your decision.

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