How to buy a multifunctional bathroom cabinet


1. Before deciding how to make your bathroom cabinet, you must go to the market. Don't be preconceived and limit your thinking. I just read a lot of decoration diaries and found that many DXs said how well they assembled bathroom cabinets. It felt very reasonable. Without carefully inspecting the bathroom cabinet market, I decided in advance the production idea of ​​bathroom cabinets and waited for a detailed inspection in the market later Only when I discovered that the finished bathroom cabinet is still quite good.

2. Choose the under-counter basin carefully. The under-counter basin is easy to take care of, but it looks less beautiful. Close observation will reveal that the finished under-counter basin bathroom cabinets on the market
Mostly, the decoration is mainly practical, but remember those beautiful decorations DX, before you decide to use the under-counter basin, you should go to the market to see what other bathroom cabinets look like.

3. Don't believe in "oak" lies. This time I focused on the solid wood bathroom cabinet. Almost all solid wood bathroom cabinets on the market currently bear the name of oak. There are very few real oak, which are rubber wood, and rubber wood and oak are not the same thing.

The scientific name of oak (also known as oak) in wood science is QUERCUS SPP (Latin meaning "tree species"). It is widely distributed in a large area of ​​the northern hemisphere and has more than 300 varieties. Oak on the market is roughly divided into red oak and white There are two major types of oak, but red oak is not red, and white oak is not white. The color distinction is not very obvious. The main point of the distinction lies in the difference between tube holes and forest rays in wood science. For example, white oak tube holes have impregnated bodies. This feature makes white oak widely used in wine barrels for storing wine abroad. It is the world-famous material for oak wine barrels. Red oak cannot be used for wine barrels. Oak is widely used in decorating materials and making furniture because of its material properties: oak has a heavy and hard texture, straight texture, coarse structure, elegant color and beautiful texture, high mechanical strength, and wear resistance, but wood is not easy to dry sawn and cut. Oak is widely used in decoration materials, furniture materials, sports equipment, shipbuilding materials, vehicle materials, floorboards, etc. White oak and red oak slices are also ideal materials for the production of facing plywood. The pattern also has the difference between straight and horizontal patterns. The straight patterns are more beautiful and the price is slightly more expensive.

Because the red rubber (OAK, RED) and white rubber (OAK, WHITE) imported from the United States are of high status, as high as 10,000 yuan/cubic meter, it has caused speculation among some operators. What is called oak, rubber wood sofas are called oak sofas, and consumers have resorted to courts for compensation. Rubber wood belongs to the Euphorbiaceae wood. It is the aging wood of the rubber tree that produces rubber. Its material is poor, but after a certain chemical process, the wood hardens and can also be used for furniture. But after all, it is different from oak. Two related varieties, and not in the same grade at all. It is understood that the price of domestic rubber wood square lumber is about 3000 yuan/cubic meter, and the price of oak is at least twice the price of rubber wood.

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