How to choose custom bathroom cabinets


Bathroom cabinets are common storage furniture products in modern bathroom spaces. With the rise of custom home furnishings in recent years, custom bathroom cabinets have gradually become popular and are loved by modern people. Of course, finished bathroom cabinets on the market are still available. Loved by people, which one is better, a finished bathroom cabinet or a customized bathroom cabinet? How to choose a custom bathroom cabinet?

1. Choice of bathroom cabinet style:

Because of the individual, one point of attention is that the style of the bathroom cabinet must be consistent with the style of your bathroom so that it looks beautiful and has good overall performance. It is recommended that you ask for the manufacturer's opinions and professionalism before customizing the bathroom cabinet. People’s opinions are combined with some of their requirements.

2. Selection of accessories:

When choosing accessories, you must also pay attention to the quality of some hardware accessories. Custom bathroom cabinets and general accessories are some hardware accessories, for example, the bathroom cabinet door is supported by hinges, and handles, hinges, etc., all need to be selected. Quality, to prevent some quality problems.

3. Brand choice:

Although there are many manufacturers of customized bathroom cabinets in China, the quality of customized bathroom cabinets is vastly different. Because some people do not know much about the industry, it is difficult to recognize whether the quality of bathroom cabinets is good or bad. When choosing custom bathroom cabinets, you must find the brand of custom bathroom cabinets. The brands are generally relatively complete in all aspects, such as after-sales.

4. Selection of plates:

Board selection is important. It is an important part of bathroom cabinets. At present, there are mainly solid wood boards, large core boards, bamboo puzzle boards, density boards, decorative panels, fine core boards, finger joint boards, gypsum boards, and density. Board, trimeric ammonia board, waterproof board, gypsum board, cement board, paint-free board, baking paint board, etc. Due to environmental factors, the choice of the bathroom cabinet board is important, mainly because the inside is relatively humid. The board must be moisture-proof.

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