How to repair various traces of solid wood bathroom cabinet


The solid wood bathroom cabinet will show some marks in use, so what should I do? The following series of solid wood bathroom cabinets will introduce to you the method of cleaning up the traces of solid wood bathroom cabinets. Everyone has no experience in repairing scratches. Do you feel pioneer? Today I will introduce a few tips for repairing scratches. How to deal with the various marks of solid wood bathroom cabinets? 1. Scratches on artificial stone countertops: The surface scratches can be gently wiped with 800 # sandpaper or 99% cloth and water, which can also restore the original shape. Then wipe it again and again with toothpaste, and slowly the surface will appear bright again. 2. Scratches on the ceramic basin: Usually, the surface of the ceramic basin should always be kept clean. When dust and sand are removed in time to prevent the surface from being abraded. Wipe the soft dry cloth repeatedly and wax it to make the surface as smooth as new. 3, hot marks: shower in the bathroom, splashing boiling water on the solid wood bathroom cabinet is also common. For some cabinets made of special materials, white-hot marks are often left. In this case, the solution is to repeatedly wipe with a damp cloth dampened with alcohol, toilet water, or kerosene. 4. Burn marks: Many people have the habit of smoking in the bathroom, and if they are not careful, they will leave burn marks on the surface of the solid wood bathroom cabinet. If the lacquer is burnt, wrap a fine-grained hard cloth on the toothpick, gently wipe the marks, and then apply a thin layer of vinegar to remove the burn marks.

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