Vivid Display Creates Experience Marketing Market


In recent years, the gold medal bathroom caters to mark […]

In recent years, the gold medal bathroom caters to market changes, constantly combines corporate strategy, optimizes the overall image of retail terminal stores based on business strategy, and the new round of upgraded SI standards of gold medal bathroom are also landing in cities one after another.

With the overall upgrading of Jiangmen flagship store, the brand-new image and experience mode, which integrates terminal vividness and experiential display, has also received good feedback under the market test.

Based on the latest SI standard of gold-medal bathroom, Jiangmen Flagship Store has created a brand-new store image with intellectualization, functionalization and artistry through scientific layout planning and elaborate interpretation of product functions. Under the guidance of high-end atmospheric and international standard design, rich experience regional settings, humanized service matching, fine assistant experience props, etc. are matched with classic high-quality products of gold medal bathroom, creating a comfortable, relaxed and lively experience-oriented shopping mall for customers.

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