Reasonable use of small bathroom space


This lady in the chaotic room is not the other lady in the chaotic world, neither the heroine of "Gone with the Wind", nor the female college student famous for the cosplay of the Water Margin character card, but you who have suffered from the "chaotic room" in the bathroom. Your bathroom space is small and can't accommodate too large bathroom cabinets, and you have so many little things, there is nowhere to store all kinds of small things, "corpses are all over the field," like a chaotic room. As a "chaotic room lady" and a "chaotic room person" inevitably sigh: What should I do? The following decoration renderings of bathroom cabinets may inspire you, allowing you to arrange the bathroom space more reasonably and avoid the "chaotic room".

Bathroom cabinet decoration renderings: The blank wall between the bathroom mirror and the basin can be used. Move the mirror up a bit, and then install a partition under it, so that some commonly used toiletries can be placed You can hang towels under the partitions wherever you can get them. In addition, some small decorative objects can be placed on the partition.

Bathroom cabinet decoration renderings: the mirror is bigger, and the corresponding shelf below can also increase the area of ​​the mirror so that more things can be placed. When faced with the items in the bathroom, you may wish to broaden your eyes. You don't have to worry about adding large cabinets all the time. Sometimes it is better to focus on small items.
Bathroom cabinet decoration renderings: In the eyes of the editor, every part of the bathroom is a good storage place, it depends on whether you can dig it. The underside of the basin is also a good storage. This method is directly determined from the structure, it can have better and more direct storage. The unique shape not only increases the practical effect but also gives the bathroom a touch of fashion. Why not?
Bathroom cabinet decoration renderings: What can be used for the top of the toilet? Maybe you think that this kind of space is unusable, but in fact, you can put a shelf of suitable size and height above the toilet according to the size and area of ​​your toilet. A lot of things can be placed on it, such as towels, paper towels, and the like. This design is both worry-free and harmonious.
Bathroom cabinet decoration renderings: In addition to vertical storage cabinets, you can also choose hanging cabinets. Such cabinets will take up less space, and this choice is more malleable for families with tight bathroom space. Hanging cabinets can be as high as possible, and they can be divided into several small spaces according to their needs to put different things.

Bathroom cabinet decoration renderings: For a large space, the bathroom multifunctional shelf would be a good choice. The white bathroom itself creates a refreshing beauty, embellished with a black shelf to make the bright space appear transparent, reasonable storage compartments will not appear too messy, and the reduced design also brings us It has a modern and fashionable atmosphere.

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