What are the requirements for the types and varieties of solid wood bathroom cabinets


There are many types of solid wood bathroom cabinets. Let me talk about the types of solid wood bathroom cabinets today! 1. Free-standing: Free-standing bathroom cabinets are suitable for single owners and rented apartments. It has a simple style, a small footprint, is easy to care for, and has all the functions of storage, washing, and lighting. 2. Double type: The double bathroom cabinet is the choice for a combination of two people with a large bathroom. It can avoid the situation where two people get confused in the morning because they are waiting for a wash basin. Life habits to place items. 3. Combined type: The combined bathroom cabinet has extremely strong functionality and clear classification. It has open shelves, drawers, and flat doors. The shape and specifications are also different. It can be used according to the frequency of the items. And quantity to choose different combinations and placements. Common items such as towels and bath soap can be placed on an open shelf for easy access. Various unused cleaning products can be placed in the lower cabinet. The more commonly used fragile items should be placed in the glass cabinet door, Safe and easy to find. 4. Symmetrical: Symmetrical bathroom cabinets give people a sense of visual and functional balance. Whether you are used to using your right or left hand, you will find the side that is convenient for placing items and towels. 5. Open style: Open-style bathroom cabinets are suitable for toilets with good airtightness and dryness. Because all the supplies are exposed to the outside, the cleanliness requirements are relatively high. This form is very convenient to use, everything is clear at a glance, eliminating the hassle of looking around. So many types, in this new year, you need, you can take a look at Fotini Sanitary Ware, which specializes in the production of solid wood bathroom cabinets, many styles, and novels. Here, you can find the products you need. Solid wood bathroom cabinets have become very popular, and the simple classic features are loved by the general public. But the bathroom is a damp place, it has a great impact on the life of the solid wood bathroom cabinet placed in it, so what do you need to do when placing this bathroom cabinet? The step of moisture-proof for solid wood bathroom cabinets is to maintain air circulation between the bathrooms. No matter what material the bathroom cabinet is made of, it will inevitably be eroded in a humid environment for a long time. Even if the brand and quality of the bathroom cabinet are good, if there is not much attention to cleanliness and hygiene, the later remedy will be too late. If you want to extend the life of the bathroom cabinet, you must keep the air circulation between the bathroom and the floor dry. Although the protection measures in the later period are very important, if you choose the wrong one at the time of purchase, you will not be able to save anything in the later period. So it is also very important to choose solid wood bathroom cabinets. When choosing a bathroom cabinet, you should not only look at the appearance and shape of the product but also pay more attention to the interior and back of the bathroom cabinet. The surface of the bathroom cabinet is coated with special waterproof paint, which is easy to wipe clean after being splashed with water. However, if water splashes on the back and inside of the bathroom cabinet, it will not be easily wiped off, and it will corrode the material over time. Many manufacturers of solid wood bathroom cabinets have waterproofed the back of the bathroom cabinets. It is better to have such protection. So be sure to pay attention to the back and inside when selecting. In addition, the bathroom cabinet you purchase must conform to the size and decoration style of your bathroom, and you must reserve a reasonable space. This will not only bring convenience for daily bathing but also benefit other supplies in the bathroom space.

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