What do you need to pay attention to solid wood bathroom cabinets


The production process of the bathroom cabinet has gone through many processes from the selection of materials to the completion of the production. So, what aspects do we need to choose a good quality bathroom cabinet when we buy the bathroom cabinet? Today, Ausma Sanitary Ware tells you a few points for attention when choosing a bathroom cabinet. Note one: appearance At the time of acceptance, the appearance of the bathroom cabinet needs to be checked. This is where there are many problems in the production and transportation process. From this, we can also see how a product is handled in detail. 1. Observe the cabinet surface. No black lines, dead joints, scratches, particles, dark spots, broken skin, color differences, wrinkles, or other defects should appear on the upper, lower, left, and right sides of the cabinet. 2. Check the inside of the cabinet with a hand touch. In principle, there should be no shortcomings in the interior. If minor flaws are found, they can be ignored without affecting normal use. 3. The paint surface of the bathroom cabinet should be smooth and free of particles, roughness, fogging, scratches, pinholes, etc. 4. Measure the size of the bathroom cabinet with a tape measure to see if it is the same as the size agreed by the merchant. Because the price of the same bathroom cabinet in different sizes is also different. 5. The color difference between the actual product and the picture shown on the product page of the website should be as small as possible, mainly because of the color depth error and the color error at the splice. In general, the color of the entire bathroom cabinet should be consistent and there should be no differences. 6. The cabinet needs to be flat, and cannot be inclined or asymmetric, and things should not be shaken on it. Note two: material After the surface inspection, let's look at the material. The quality of the material is related to the service life of the bathroom cabinet, but unfortunately, there are very few businesses on the market that pretend to be high-quality materials with inferior materials. 1. Whether the materials used are consistent with the business promotion. If they are not consistent, there must be a problem. 2. There should be no cracks in the material of the bathroom cabinet. 3. Do not use moth-eaten materials and decaying materials. 4. The materials used must comply with environmental protection requirements, and must not exceed the standard to contain substances harmful to humans. Note three: cabinet doors, and drawers The gap between the bathroom cabinet door and the door should not exceed 3mm, the left and right door panels should be neat, and there should be no undulations visually. If it is a press-type drawer, the distance between the edge of the drawer and the cabinet should not exceed 3mm. If the gap is too large, water vapor can easily enter and erode the contents of the cabinet. But the gap should not be too small, otherwise it will be easy to rub, resulting in poor opening and closing and affecting product life. The guide rails of the drawer should also be checked during acceptance. Good guide rails can enter and exit freely after a reasonable load, and there is no noise. Door hinges are also important points to be noted during acceptance. Door hinges should open and close freely, and should not be too loose or too tight. In addition, pay attention to whether the installation position of the door hinge is reasonable and whether it will affect daily use. Finally, check the door hinge for rust. Note 4: Counter Basin The washbasin is an important part of the bathroom cabinet, and the washbasin is in contact with water and is used every day, so it is also important to check. The surface of a good washbasin is smooth, without scratches, and the glaze is smooth and free of bumps. In addition, the water leakage under the basin should also be checked to see if it can be easily taken in and out, and whether it will be easily blocked. Note 5: Support feet When the bathroom cabinet is placed, it depends on whether the four feet of the cabinet body are stable and whether they are on the same horizontal line. If the four legs of the cabinet are not stable, the cabinet is prone to uneven stress. This not only affects the appearance but also seriously affects the service life of the bathroom cabinet. Choose a good quality bathroom cabinet, and use it for maintenance in the later period. It is easy, smooth, and easy, rather than cleaning it. It doesn't take a little effort, and it can make the bathroom cabinet new every day.

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