What is the quality of custom cabinets and what needs attention


Now we have a lot of decoration choices, and we also spend a lot of thought on decoration. Kitchen decoration and cabinets are the top priority because a good kitchen must have a good custom cabinet. Now there are many types and materials of cabinets on the market. Then let’s take a look at custom cabinets. What needs attention? The common countertops on the market include natural marble, artificial stone, quartz stone, and fireproof boards. The countertop of the cabinet determines the overall cleanliness of the cabinet, and natural marble is more suitable for those who are seeking high-end. Whether the customized cabinet adopts an independent cabinet design, the overall fastness of the analyzed cabinet will be relatively reduced, the service life and stability will be two to three times worse than the independent cabinet, and the cost will be less than 5%. You may wish to identify it by the outer packaging of the cabinet. The independent cabinet generally packs the plates independently, which is also convenient for the installer to distinguish and install. The closeness and edge sealing of the door panels is also very important. A well-seamed cabinet door can be buffered when closed, which can eliminate noise and prevent insects from entering the cabinet. Let's take a look at the thickness of the plate. Now common on the market are 16mm, 18mm, and other thickness plates. Different thicknesses will also to different prices. Thicker plates can last longer. You also need to know what kind of materials you customize, which will provide more guarantee for our future service life. Three-point materials and seven-point installation, installation is not in place, no matter how good the cabinet is also useless, so when installing the cabinet, it is to be on site.

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