Why must choose solid wood bathroom cabinet


1. What are the ways to counterfeit the quality of bathroom cabinets? At present, the counterfeit cabinets on the market are fake enough to be falsified, and it is very difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish between genuine and fake. Here we need to pay attention to a few points: 1. Solid wood board becomes particle board. (Particleboard is also called bagasse board, and it is made of wood or other lignocellulosic materials. After the application of the adhesive, the artificial board is synthesized under the action of heat and pressure, also known as particle board) 2. Environmental protection paint becomes inferior paint. (Inferior paint contains volatile organic compounds such as benzene and formaldehyde, which have a strong stimulating effect on the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract, and can easily cause paint allergies for elderly women and children.) 3. The wood is hollow, and filled with cement. (Hollow wood will greatly reduce the service life of the cabinet. Pouring and cement will produce a lot of harmful substances.) 4. Solid wood cabinet legs become resin cabinet legs. (The resin material is formed by the direct molding of the machine, and the quality is much smaller than that of the solid wood table.) 5. Hand-carved flowers become plastic decals. (In the form of MDF with plastic engraving, it is usually to buy inferior plastic flowers and glue them directly to the cabinet body.) 6. Famous-brand hardware becomes cottage products. (The cottage hardware has no buffer function, the switch cabinet door has a loud sound, is easy to rust, and has a short service life.) 7. Float glass becomes ordinary glass. (The glass is very thin, easy to scratch, easy to rust, easy to oxidize, and has a short service life.) 8. Natural marble becomes poisonous marble. (High-quality artificial marble and natural marble are good countertop materials, but to reduce costs, some manufacturers use inferior materials in the manufacturing process and apply harmful substances containing formaldehyde and benzene to produce a large number of "toxic marbles." ) 2. What are the standards for high-end bathroom cabinets? To judge whether a bathroom cabinet product is high-end, we mainly start from three aspects: product material, design aesthetics, and corporate brand. We will not discuss the influence of brand factors here, only analyze the product materials and design aesthetics. We analyze the material: seven main materials for plate, stone, carved, paint, hardware, mirror, and basin. 1. High-quality plates. (Okaisa uses American red oak and Thai oak over 50 years old, African ebony wood, ash wood, AAA grade plate, clear texture, no tree eyes and knots, and we only select the hardest 40 % Part, the board has the  performance of being hard and heavy, resistant to immersion, corrosion and wear.) 2. Natural marble & high-quality artificial stone. (Natural marble has a hard texture, high compressive strength, natural texture, and natural color, forming a unique natural beauty. Artificial stone has a strong texture, no fading, no deformation, no radiation, no odor, and easy maintenance. Low water absorption, high durability, easy Take care.) 3. Hand-carved solid wood. (All the bathroom cabinet carvings of Oukesha are hand-carved solid wood. The company produces them from the skilled carving masters in Dongyang, Zhejiang, the hometown of Chinese carving. Each product is a piece of art and is worthy of collection.) 4. Green paint. (Adopt well-known brands such as Jiabaoli paint and Taiwan Dabao paint, full color, healthy and environmental protection, good waterproof performance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Okaisa bathroom cabinet production process 34 processes, using seven bottom three sides paint process.) 5. Hardware of international brands. (The rail hinge adopts the world-famous brand Austrian imported brand Blum, which has been opened more than 500,000 times; the screw adopts 304 stainless steel, and the hinge adopts a copper retro hinge.) 6. The mirror is made of float glass with resin edge banding. (Copper-free environmentally friendly silver mirror, after three layers of silver plating, the coating does not fall off, rust, mildew, oxidation, black borders, long service life; soft and natural reflection light, high imaging clarity, five meters within the object Not deformed.) 7. Snowflake glazed ceramic basin. (Teaware-grade environmentally friendly materials are healthy environmentally friendly and easy to clean.) 8. Original design, golden ratio. (Working with a team of well-known designers at home and abroad, the same product is viewed from different angles, and each line is well proportioned.) 3. Why choose Nuofasha bathroom cabinets? As a professional bathroom cabinet manufacturer, Nuofu has more than 200 sales outlets nationwide. With a strong original design team, it has won gold awards for bathroom cabinet product design many times and continues to the industry in product iteration and technological change. It is a brand in the bathroom cabinet industry.

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