Is solid wood bathroom cabinet waterproof


The solid wood cabinet, especially the oak cabinet, has the characteristics of fine texture and compact structure and has certain characteristics of insect-proof, waterproof, and moisture-proof. In addition, it has been treated with a multi-layer primer and topcoat paint process. Finally, it is baked at a high temperature to make The paint layer is cured.

The paint surface formed in this way is not only full but also wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and stable in performance.
This way, through advanced surface treatment technology and dozens of meticulous productions, the board surface is smooth and delicate, strong and durable, and super waterproof, ensuring that it will last for a long time in a humid environment, so that the inside and the outside are consistent, and the surface is the same. There is no problem in ten years or so. If the maintenance is proper, the use time will be longer.

The material of a solid wood bathroom cabinet is a cabinet made of solid wood after distillation and dehydration as the base material and processed through N water-proof treatment processes. The countertop (or basin) can be made of glass, ceramics, stone, and artificial stone, as well as the same materials as the cabinet. It is characterized by natural style, simplicity, grace, and luxury, and can fully reflect the owner's home class and identity. The waterproof performance is very good after the waterproof process and the paint process.

Of course, the performance depends on the level of technology of the enterprise itself. In the design, raw material selection, processing, quality inspection, and other links, we must establish a systematic solution. Good brands will use American imported oak and traditional Chinese carving art to create natural, elegant, fashionable, artistic, and noble, The top solid wood bathroom furniture with technology as a whole, you can go to see the solid wood bathroom cabinets of Yixinju Bathroom, the genuine imported red oak bathroom cabinets are better in material.
However, the biggest shortcoming of solid wood cabinets is that if the environment is very dry (such as air-conditioning vents or naturally dry, such as Xinjiang), it is easy to dry and crack. Therefore, use a relatively damp cotton rag to frequently wipe inside and out during maintenance.

Selection points:
1. It depends on the grade. The grades are divided into high-end, mid-range, and general-grade. The exterior material of the high-end solid wood bathroom cabinet is a single tree species with the same texture. The coating color is bright, the wood grain is clear, and the surface is fully polished, as bright as a mirror. The exterior materials of mid-range solid wood bathroom cabinets require similar textures and similar textures and colors of symmetrical parts. The color and luster coating is brighter and the wood grain is clear. The front-view surface coating should be polished, and the side-view surface coating should be originally light (that is, not polished). The texture and color of the surface materials of general-style solid wood bathroom cabinets are similar, and the color of the coating is uniform, allowing a slight blur of wood grain, and the coating surface is originally light.

2. Look at the color. The overall observation of solid wood bathroom cabinets, from the overall look at the color, such as combination, and set furniture, all, to see whether the outer surface color is coordinated, whether the color is consistent, whether the paint film is full and clean, etc.

3. Look at the quality. The materials used for each part of the solid wood bathroom cabinet should be reasonable, the structural parts should not have defects such as decay, knots, splits, etc., whether the decorative materials have processing defects such as glue, bubbling, warping, and the decorative patterns should be symmetrical and beautiful. Whether the size is regular, and whether each surface of the component is flat and vertical. Whether all the metal parts are made of moisture-proof stainless steel or aluminum products for the bathroom cabinet so that the moisture resistance will be strong.

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