Comparison of different materials for solid wood bathroom cabinets


Bathroom furniture is made of solid wood, moisture-proof board, and density board in the selection of materials. The sophisticated surface treatment process is used to resist the invasion of ultraviolet rays, temperature, and humidity, to ensure that the substrate is used in the bathroom for a long time without cracking and deformation. The solid wood bathroom cabinet and PVC bathroom cabinet can be distinguished at a glance, because the upper layer of the solid wood bathroom cabinet is made of artificial stone, and the rubber wood used in the solid wood part below feels warmer. The whole set of PVC bathroom cabinets is made of PVC material, and the design is generally simple, which is very solid to the touch, and a bit cold, and the overall color is also cool, which is cold and bright.

The upper sink of the solid wood bathroom cabinet is made of artificial stone with a bright and smooth surface. The lower cabinet part is made of rubber wood, which is very non-absorbent. It can be waterproof when used in the bathroom. If you smell it close, you will not have it. What smell? The entire set of PVC bathroom cabinets is made of PVC. Although PVC has the advantage of not absorbing water, it will have a little smell if you smell it close, but after some time, the smell will slowly disappear. Compared with solid wood bathroom cabinets, PVC bathroom cabinets are better for non-absorbent performance, but have a heavier smell. Therefore, in comparison to PVC bathroom cabinets, the advantage of solid wood bathroom cabinets is that it is light and has no peculiar smell, and the form is unique.

Solid wood bathroom cabinets have become very popular, and their simple and classical features are loved by the masses. But the bathroom is a damp place, which has a great influence on the life of the solid wood bathroom cabinet placed in it, so what should be done when placing this bathroom cabinet?

The step to prevent moisture from solid wood bathroom cabinets is to maintain air circulation in the bathroom. No matter what kind of material the bathroom cabinet is made of, it will inevitably corrode in a humid environment for a long time. Even with the brand and quality of bathroom cabinets, if you don't pay much attention to cleanliness and hygiene, it will be too late to remedy it. If you want to extend the service life of the bathroom cabinet, you must keep the air circulation in the bathroom and the floor dry. Although the later protective measures are very important, if you choose the wrong one at the time of purchase, nothing can be saved later. Therefore, it is also very important to choose solid wood bathroom cabinets. When choosing a bathroom cabinet, you should not only look at the appearance and shape of the product but also pay more attention to the interior and back of the bathroom cabinet.

The surface of the bathroom cabinet is coated with a special waterproof coating, which is easy to wipe clean after splashing with water. However, if water splashes on the back and inside of the bathroom cabinet, it will not be easily wiped off, and the material will corrode over time. Many manufacturers of solid wood bathroom cabinets have made waterproof treatments on the back of the bathroom cabinets. Such protection is better. So be sure to pay attention to the back and internal conditions when choosing. In addition, the bathroom cabinets purchased must conform to the size and decoration style of the bathroom in your bathroom, and have a reasonable reserved space. This will not only bring convenience to daily bathing but also benefit other supplies in the bathroom space.


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