How to choose sanitary ware


How to choose the right sanitary ware products to make the family bathroom beautiful, simple, generous, and comfortable, the following small points are for reference:
The wall distance of the toilet drain should be equal to or slightly smaller than the wall distance of the toilet drain (under drainage); the distance between the toilet drain and the ground should be equal to or slightly higher than the height of the toilet drain (rear drain).

The number of ceramics in the bathroom is more than one. Several ceramic products such as toilets, washbasins, soap boxes, hand boxes, mop pools, and other sanitary wares can only be harmonious and beautiful if they are consistent or similar in shape and color.
When choosing ceramic sanitary ware, you should understand that there are different requirements for visible and invisible surfaces: the visible surface refers to the surface that people can easily see after the porcelain is installed. The quality of the visible surface should be strictly checked, especially when water can splash during use. The quality of the part is more important, and the quality of the invisible surface after installation should not be too picky.

Three judgments of appearance quality
(1) Whether there is cracking: tap the edge of the porcelain piece with a thin rod to hear whether the sound is crisp. When there is a "husky" sound, it is proved that the porcelain piece is cracked.
(2) Deformation size: Put the porcelain piece on a flat platform, check whether it is stable and even, if the mounting surface and the edge of the porcelain piece surface are smooth, and whether the mounting hole is even and smooth.
(3) Glaze quality: The glaze must be delicate and smooth, with a uniform glaze color. The visible surface, especially the glaze quality that can be splashed by water, is particularly important. Put a few drops of colored liquid on the glaze surface and wipe it with a cloth. After a few seconds, wipe it dry with a damp cloth. Check the glaze.


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