Sanitary ware classification knowledge


The purchase of sanitary ware in the bathroom is very important. Knowing the classification of sanitary ware makes it easier to buy sanitary ware.

(1) Basin: It can be divided into three types: hanging type, desktop type, and column type. They are usually said to be pedestal basins, above-counter basins, under-counter basins, etc., while the current bowl basin, dish basins, square basins, and classical and modern Other special-shaped basins of various styles have been put on the market one after another, adding a lot of bright colors to the basin products.

(2) Toilet: According to the shape, it can be divided into two types: conjoined and split. According to the drainage method, it can be divided into the bottom row (water outlet at the bottom) and the wall row (horizontal rear row). According to the pollutant discharge method, it is divided into three types: direct flush, jet suction, and silent siphon. Generally speaking, direct flushing has a good effect, the flushing speed is fast, but the noise is large, and the siphon type has low noise, but large water consumption.

(3) Bathtub: According to the material, it can be roughly divided into three categories: acrylic bathtub, steel bathtub, and cast iron bathtub. According to the way of bathing, is divided into a sitting bath and a lying bath. Divided into bath bathtub and massage bathtub according to function. There are many different shapes of bathtubs, and the selection criterion is personal taste.

(4) Shower room: It is shower equipment made of plastic steel, alloy slide rails, copper or stainless steel hinges, and tempered glass, which can be equipped with or without an acrylic bottom box, which can divide indoor space and divide dry and wet The functional area, which can decorate the bathroom with its transparent and beautiful, small area, moisture resistance, waterproof and splash proof, is now popular all over the world.

(5) Squatting pan: A squatting defecation device, with two types of front row and back row.

(6) Bidet: commonly known as bidet, it is exclusively for women, and it is often used by modern high-end decorations or fashion-forward people.

(7) Urinal: only for men, some families even use sensors.

(8) Hardware accessories: various styles and varieties, mainly including various faucet faucets, shower nozzles, various towel racks (rings), soap cup holders (cylinders), clothes hooks, shower curtains, and various anti-fog mirrors and floor drains Wait.

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