How to distinguish the grade of solid wood bathroom cabinets


The solid wood bathroom cabinets in the current home improvement market are mixed. How should ordinary people distinguish the grade of solid wood bathroom cabinets?

1. High-grade: The materials used for high-grade solid wood bathroom cabinets are generally more exquisite. They all use the same kind of top-quality tree, and the texture of the tree must be the same. The surface coating color of the bathroom cabinet is very bright, and the wooden texture is also very clear. The cabinet surface is fully polished, smooth, and bright, just like a mirror surface.

2. Mid-range: The requirements for mid-range solid wood bathroom cabinets are relatively low. The material requirements are similar in texture, texture, and color. It does not have to be the same tree species. The color of the cabinet is brighter, the wood texture is clearer, and the coating requires polishing from the front, but not the side.

3. Low-grade: low-grade solid wood bathroom cabinets require very low materials, generally similar in color, wood is almost enough, the texture is generally not required, the surface is not polished, and all are originally light, so the color is not so bright, The brightness is not very high.


1. To see the problem, we must grasp the overall situation, and then look at the details, and the choice of bathroom cabinets is also. When selecting, you must check the overall color coordination and color consistency of the entire bathroom cabinet, and pay attention to the fullness and cleanliness of the coating.

2. Pay attention to whether the materials used in all parts are the same, there can be no similar defects such as decay, cracks, etc., whether the decorative materials are glued, and whether the decorative patterns are symmetrical and beautiful.

3. Whether the size is regular, and whether each part is flat or vertical, are all factors that need to be considered.

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