Installing the cabinet can extend the life of the cabinet


When decorating a new house, we don’t have much decoration experience, so we will encounter various problems. This kind of problem is very difficult for us and even makes some decorations small dizzy. I don’t know how to solve it. Before renovating the house, learn some relevant knowledge in advance, so that if there is a problem in the future, you will not be busy. First of all, from the decoration of the kitchen, after all, the kitchen is the place where we eat, and three meals a day must be served in the kitchen. When decorating the kitchen, you must install cabinets. The cabinets can improve the storage capacity of the kitchen. In the process of installing the cabinets, you must find a professional master to help. In general, whether the cabinets can be installed perfectly, but you should also discuss with the master in advance to avoid any differences in the future installation process. If you find that the decoration effect is not satisfactory after the completion, then the trouble will be big. When installing a cabinet, the cabinet corner is the basic and important place. Because it is the load-bearing place of the cabinet, we must not allow the cabinet to sink when laying the floor tiles, so the load-bearing capacity of the floor tiles is important. If in the future, because of cutting a dish or something on the cabinet, the cabinet sinks, then you have to think carefully about the quality of the floor tiles. The production of the countertop is also very important, and the next step can only be carried out after the foundation is solidified. Many people prefer to use marble as the countertop of the cabinet, because marble is easy to clean, and it is resistant to acid, abrasion, high hardness, and low cost. It is the choice for many families. The last is to install the cabinet door. Now everyone should understand the sliding door is not good. Choose the casement door, the casement door is better for them, as the service life is longer, and there will be no dust accumulation on the track. Please open the door to the extent. You can take out everything in the cabinet. Sliding the door can only open half, which is very inconvenient.

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