Custom cabinets must pay attention to these points


Now more and more people pay more attention to the quality of life. They pay great attention to the selection and materials of home decoration. Custom cabinets are also the choice of many people now. Do you know what are the precautions for customizing the overall kitchen cabinet decoration? Today I will show you what custom cabinets we should pay attention to? 1. Sheet Inferior boards are prone to pungent odor and formaldehyde exceeds the standard (the state has two standard construction committees: 0.08mg / m3; Ministry of Health: 0.10mg / m3). Therefore, the quality of the cabinet depends to a large extent on the quality of the material. Except for the panel, the cabinet board and the adhesive need to be treated with environmental protection to remove formaldehyde to ensure that the content of various harmful substances does not exceed the standard. And the thickness of the plate is also very important. The 18 mm thick plate is more expensive than the 16 mm thick plate. However, the service life of cabinets made of 18 mm thick plates can be more than doubled to ensure that the door panel is not deformed and the countertop is not cracked. 2. Design of cabinets When designing the stove, leave some distance from the wall surface, try not to stick to the side wall, and avoid the pot edge and other walls interfering with it, which is inconvenient during use. The side of the cabinet against the wall must consider the convexity of the doorway line to avoid the opening and closing of doors, drawers, and pull baskets being affected. There should be enough space between the sink and the cooker. It is better to be more than 800, but it should not be too far away so that it can travel back and forth during operation. In addition, the cabinet area is too large, and in addition to wasting water and electricity, it also makes the kitchen look very crowded, so you should set a suitable size according to the kitchen area. 3. Understand the composition of countertop materials Materials suitable for kitchen countertops include fireboard, artificial stone, natural marble, granite, stainless steel, etc. Among them, the performance-price ratio of artificial stone countertops is the better. Cheap countertop calcium carbonate is high in ingredients and easily cracks. Currently used in the market are compound acrylic, pure acrylic, etc. Acrylic components in composite acrylic are generally around 20% of the ratio.

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