What are the advantages of homemade steel rack cabinets


When choosing steel cabinets, many people don't pay much attention to various methods and do not understand the advantages and disadvantages, so they find all types of materials that are not satisfactory. You can look at the advantages of self-made steel rack cabinets and what are the types of cabinets, understand some of the choices and types of cabinets, and then consider them according to your needs. In addition to choosing these materials, we must analyze the role of various brands to get better after-sales service. Advantages of homemade steel frame cabinet Steel frame cabinets are of material, colorful, aluminum alloy frame, have relatively strong heat resistance, and are not easy to deform. 1. Excellent material The steel plate is made of natural quartz material, and after secondary high-temperature processing, the product produced can reach the standard 4mm in thickness. The material contains no chemical adhesive and no formaldehyde and is a very environmentally friendly material. 2, colorful The surface of the steel plate has very bright colors, there are many patterns, and the surface has a processed high-grade PVC film, so it has very good waterproof performance. 3. Aluminum alloy frame The aluminum alloy frame is used around the steel cabinet. This frame also has better waterproof performance. Whether it is a frame or a plate, it is a material that does not rot. 4, heat resistance The kitchen is an area where there is often an open flame, and the distance between the door panel and the open flame is relatively short, so many people pay more attention to the heat resistance of the door panel. The crystal steel door panel itself has been subjected to high-temperature treatment twice during processing, so it has very good heat resistance, and it will not change at a high temperature of 200 degrees. 5, not easy to deform In the process of using the cabinet, it is inevitable that it will be bumped. Some materials of the door panel will dent a few times, but the steel door panel does not have such a worry. Tests have shown that a 227g iron ball drops from a height of 3 meters and hits the door panel without deformation. In addition, the properties of the plate itself and the aluminum alloy framework do not absorb moisture, and the temperature expansion coefficient is very small. There is no need to worry about deformation.

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