Where is the future of solid wood bathroom cabinets


Recently, I have talked with many people in the domestic solid wood bathroom cabinet industry about future market opportunities. Everyone invariably focused on market opportunities on engineering pathways, and the sharp decline in the retail market was irreversible. However, the engineering market seems to have many domestic bathroom cabinet brands, just like flowers in the fog and water mirrors. Many of them run in a hurry, and although they have invested a lot of resources, the returns are very small. For domestic brands, the mid-to-high-end engineering market is inaccessible, and the low-end engineering pathway is unwilling to sink from brand to product. At present, China's solid wood bathroom cabinet market is polarized. Most of the mid-to-high-end engineering needs are based on international brands. The fundamental purpose is to drive the value of real estate through the influence of international brands. This has always maintained considerable domestic bathroom cabinet brands. distance. The construction of small towns and affordable housing mostly takes price competition as the key entry point, and this is mostly penetrated by unknown sanitary ware companies or low-end solid wood bathroom cabinets. Those companies in the middle of domestic solid wood bathroom cabinets are extremely vulnerable to market growth Great compression. This two-sided situation reflects the embarrassing situation of solid wood bathroom cabinets. For domestic bathroom brands to achieve performance growth, the development and growth of engineering channels is essential. At the same time, it is necessary to improve product value, promote engineering channels, and work hard to sink products.

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