Why does the solid wood bathroom cabinet crack


Have you ever encountered cracks in solid wood bathroom cabinets when using solid wood bathroom cabinets? What causes cracks in solid wood bathroom cabinets? The following is a summary of solid wood bathroom cabinets. 1. Different wood characteristics It is normal for bathroom cabinets made of wood to crack slightly, and this is the case with wooden characteristics. Generally, there will be slight cracks, but they can be repaired and restored to beauty. 2, the process is not in place The wood must be dried before processing. This is an important step to avoid cracking in the bathroom cabinet. If it is an inferior manufacturer, due to installation, cost, and other issues, it has not been strictly dried, or the drying time after drying is not enough to start production Prone to cracking. 3. Improper maintenance and use Even in the case of normal processing, if it is caused by external factors, such as cold, indoor heating, long-term baking, or carelessness in summer, it may easily cause cracks in the bathroom cabinet and affect the service life. The above is the reason why the solid wood bathroom cabinet cracks and the method must be decided. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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